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EXELx Regenerative batteries service technology

We pride ourselves on quality inspection and maintenance services that are registered and developed by the latest Japanese technology to improve, maintain and sustain the performance of your hybrid and electric vehicle through proven practical and methodological applications.

First of all, as an Electric & Hybrid vehicle user, you should be aware of the most important factor of Hybrid & EV batteries, which is :

  • Cycle Recovery ( Superimposed-charge):

This multi-stage loop charging technology consists of new intelligent charge commands that can link with a unique battery sensor to recover an unrecoverable battery quickly and effectively restore the loss of cell balance that occurs in the early stage of degradation.

This method can develop and set many parameters for monitoring and controlling charge-discharge that is not in conventional charging technology.

With the new parameters, we can see the appearance of a battery that has never been seen before (barrier phenomenon, polarity inversion, new complete charge detection, etc.), which will reduce the number of discarded batteries.

ExelX added value and special assistance for Hybrid & Electric vehicle users:


  • Contributes to environmental issues.

  • Extends the battery's life cycle.

  • Enhance the quality and efficiency of the batteries.

  • Best diagnosis by unique testing and inspection methodologies.  

  • Cell balance stabilization.

  • Cell replacement (If needed)

  • Quality Assurance

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Electric battery vehicle maintenance

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Diagnose defect of Hybrid battery vehicle

صيانة بطاريات سيارات الهايبرد

Maintenance &Routine assessment for Hybrid & Electric batteries

Image by Maxwell Ingham

Maintenance & Routine assessment for Home Battery Storage & Telecom Station towers and Forklifts  

Professional diagnostic battery health check issues

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Optimal users awareness among Hybrid & Electric vehicle driving behaviour

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