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The technology development started with  "Battery bank system - BBS" in Komaki-Nagoya - under Katsu Okada San's supervision, to develop an application system suitable for battery life extension. 


Since 2012 Okada San and Ali Alzyoud, Exelx CTO, have curated multi-diagnosis, testing and regeneration workshop labs. They have integrated the experience and understanding of batteries gained over the years. Ultimately, they invented the multistage loop charging method. The design concept of this charging was developed from the integration concepts with the promise of optimal battery life for all battery types.


BBS started with battery recovery and, in 2021, joined forces with Exelx to accelerate the development. With the support of our engineers and researchers, we developed a new understanding of batteries that led to developing the mechanism and data analysis of BBS multistage loop charging method, so this charging method leads to an optimal battery life for all batteries.

Ai and Machine learning


(Diagnostic single cell machine)

Battery Diagnosis Unit is, a unit that diagnosis batteries with high accuracy whether it’s (strong, weak, reversed polarity or voltage dropped) and can manage discharging process



(Developing Artificial diagnostic cell)

Artificial Battery Diagnosis Unit is, a unit which diagnosis batteries performance and state of health with high accuracy whether it’s (strong, weak, reversed polarity or voltage dropped) and can manage discharging process. 


The One Chip Project - OCP

The "One Chip Project" is a historic first step to talking about such a big journey to the future, To consolidate and overcome inventory burdens by converting existing circuit technology and software to LSI. the project goal is to expand work volume and to solve semiconductor shortage. in addition to increase workflow and operation effectiveness and efficiency. To do this, we need to re-arrange and edit the existing circuits and software, to be used for various purposes, and integrates new semiconductors. The new integrated DSP chip is fully developed Software. Especially parameter development is progressing, so various chargers and their application products can be developed based on this integration. The new integration is used as the controller because it is very fast and also instruction sets are optimized for high-speed numeric. DSP are also less susceptible to ageing. and it have an an environmental variation with a better noise immunity, integrating multiple converter control into the same processor and optimizing the total system cost.

The main concept of this units is to speed up the workflow & reduce time to diagnose batteries with high accuracy, and minimal human errors and provide more safety. AI project is to classify the charging/discharging operation of battery cells to predict battery performance for health state using Artificial intelligence techniques (AI) Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the de facto method for such prediction tasks. Provided enough data, AI algorithms can be trained to predict if an individual cell will fail the rehabilitation process beforehand with a high degree of confidence.

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